The Williams District was originally founded as a place where people could work. Whether they were creating products or providing services, those businesses paved the way for future generations to carry on the tradition. Today, the corridor brims with agencies, nonprofits and small businesses that provide vital services to the people of Portland and beyond.

Academy Front
Academy Mortgage
60 North Mason Street
(503) 536-9385
Columbia Gorge Model Railroad Club
2505 North Vancouver Avenue
(503) 288-7246
Connect Architecture
Connect Architecture
4072 North Williams Avenue
(503) 367-8057
Ben Cox Exterior 3558
Cox Law Firm
3723 North Williams Avenue
(503) 224-1787
Earthquake Tech
Earthquake Tech – Gemmell Construction
2310 North Kerby Avenue
(503) 282-4424
Grateful Heart Veterinary Hospital Clinic Front
Grateful Heart Veterinary Hospital
3334 North Vancouver Ave-Williams Avenue Alley
(503) 813-2050
Iq Credit Union
IQ Credit Union
4239 North Williams Avenue
(360) 695-3441
Metropolis Cycle Repair
Metropolis Cycle Repair
2249 North Williams Avenue
(503) 287-7116
Oberdorfer Law Firm
339 North Shaver Street
16 Northeast Fremont Street
Portland Proper Real Estate
4200 North Williams Avenue
(503) 888-8259
Terry Family Funeral Home
Terry Family Funeral Home
2337 N Williams Ave
(503) 249-1788
The Felt Hat, Inc.
4072 North Williams Avenue Ste. B
(503) 222-0068
Unitus Community Credit Union
3355 North Williams Avenue
(971) 334-5187
Urban Nest Realty
3041 North Williams Avenue
(503) 312-8269